Updating file attributes with vb

25-Nov-2017 00:47

Changing the registry is just as easy as adding files.With wy Build you can manage which Registry keys are created, edited, and removed upon installation of your update.Use wy Build to manage versions of your software, customize wy Update with your branding & languages, and build update patches.Just drag your files & folders and drop them into wy Build.wy Update can work as a standalone updater that can be called simply by launching wy Or you can have fully integrated automatic updating when you use wy Update alongside the Automatic Updater control.

Using wy Build’s patching algorithm this update size was reduced to a minuscule 1.4 megabytes; small enough to fit on an old floppy disk!This assures that even users on strict corporate networks and users with misconfigured computers will be able to update to the latest version of your program.wy Update also supports custom proxies via commandline.When wy Update detects that files are running that will be updated, it shows the user what processes are running and it allows them to close the processes. NET language you can add the Automatic Updater to your program.

wy Update handles all potential file permission and file access problems. The Automatic Updater control comes with a professional user interface.

wy Update can check for updates as a non-elevated process takes care of prompting the used for elevation when it’s needed.

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