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13-Dec-2017 16:54

A psychiatrist in his early 30s said he preferred the event to any dating apps.“In a space like this, everyone feels like they’re part of a group and so everyone has their guard down.It’s easier to meet and start a conversation,” he said. To meet an attractive woman.” Asked whether it’s important that she be Jewish, he laughed.“Let’s just say I like a lot of women, and Jewish women are included in that.Even though she is adamant about only dating Jewish, she said, she still uses secular dating apps to find a Jewish partner.At the top of her profile, she clearly states her “Jewish only” interest.She said she’s committed to dating Jewish because she is heavily invested in her Jewish identity.

Despite all this, here I am, sipping an expensive cocktail amid a sea of young Jews schmoozing around a dance floor.

The most recent event — a dinner for 60 people — sold out, and coming up is a Purim party organized with Emanu-El and a weekend trip to Las Vegas at the end of February.

The Facebook page has 428 members, and the newsfeed is regularly populated with information about other Jewish social events in the city.

“I’m here to meet someone,” said one partygoer who requested anonymity.

“Let’s face it: It’s hard to find Jewish men who want to settle down.It’s a Saturday night and I find myself underground in a dimly lit room at the Hawthorn, a cocktail lounge in San Francisco’s Financial District, holding a whiskey in one hand and a pink neon glow stick in the other.