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18-Nov-2017 10:01

The victim told police her 47-year-old landlord, who is also her boss, had remodeled her bathroom in October when she was out of town.When reached by The Star on Wednesday, the victim said she had moved out of the apartment, was staying with friends and was trying to find a new place to live. Police confiscated the cameras and computer and were reviewing them for evidence. The incident marked the fourth time in four months that police in the metropolitan area had discovered hidden cameras in a home or workplace.Police found three similar detectors in the living room, hallway and the victim’s bedroom.The victim’s roommate’s room had a normal smoke detector.GIH can be selected as a living option when students go through the room selection process on the housing portal.Spaces are available across campus and support all floor plan options: corridor, suite-style, apartment.Officers first examined the detector in the kitchen and realized it would not open to replace a battery like a normal smoke detector.

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A friend of the 25-year-old woman noticed that a smoke detector looked just like one from the box of spy cameras he had seen in the basement of the business at 4101 Troost Ave.“I’m sure it’s a lot more frequent than we know,” said Sgt.