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09-Jul-2017 09:38

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If you're tired of swiping right and ending up with another creep, Tinder isn't the only dating app out there, there's a huge variety of apps to choose from.

Dating may be tricky but most mobile apps operate the same way.

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Checking-in with yourself before mindlessly checking app messages would be a good idea.

The number one thing I don’t miss about dating apps?

It’s not people not replying, dropping off in the middle of conversations, ghosting or the endless pool of matches that never quite feels satisfying: it’s the unpleasant messages.

If you’re flooded with a lot of unwanted messages full of gross content, aggressive messages, or a nasty response to something you have sent, dating can start to feel a bit pointless.

At the same time, it can make us feel like something is wrong with ourselves; like perhaps if we were more *insert positive adjective here*, we would be doing much better in the dating game.’ Then, before you’re even done pondering that notion, another man (yes I am generalising, but only because a woman has yet to do this to me) decides, ‘y’know what’ll impress her? ’ Because nothing says I’d like to get to know you more as a person than a picture of a pulsating phallus.

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