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10-Jan-2018 22:34

Neither can remember exactly how her username name wound up on his buddy list.Jessica was only 15 when Brian, 16, first messaged her.They didn't have cars, and couldn't even drive that first year of dating.

But people told me, 'You're in that infatuation phase.'" The "phase" only intensified post-college. I couldn't imagine my life without her." His girlfriend felt it, too.

She started dropping engagement hints during a trip to Boston.

A snowstorm hit, and the couple found refuge in a serendipitous spot.

Late-night phone conversations replaced their internet exchanges.

"This was when phone bills did not include free text messages, so we definitely got in trouble with our parents," Jessica says."We only had four dates to choose from, and most were inconvenient, so we were basically stuck with June 10." Jessica's first move was to hire wedding planner Jo Ann Woodward of Schwartz & Woodward.