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If it's about him watching other men have sex with you then that's a WHOLE different ball game imho!Whatever turns you BOTH on really BUT i reckon there's a lot of things that could go wrong when you're in some car park or field somewhere and it's a bit like jumping off the deep end when you don't even know if you want to learn to swim IYSWIM.You are safe and protected, assuming you are happy and comfortable with doing this, he gets his jollies from knowing people are getting off on watching you.Not my thing but lots of people do it and it could be an exciting thing to try?The Carrier features sturdy construction which you can secure to the ground if necessary.It is made of 600D polyester giving higher durability. ) sofa - 2 reclining arm chairs and 3 seater couch with 2 x recliners built in at each end. Well loved but still lots of supported feeding left. We both have jobs that require some extended hours and we can't get everything done around the house so would like some help with packing the dishwasher and putting a load of washing on and hanging it out. Do you love cavoodles, frenchies, pugs, persian cats,ragdolls, tabbies, rabbits and guinea pigs? Getting paid to do Pet sitting through Pet au is agreat way to earn money from your own home or - from the Pet Owners home, andwithin your schedule. We look for pet sitters who not only love all sorts of pets,but are also friendly and happy to go the extra mile for the owner’s pet. It would be great if it was a pet friendly place as I may have to look after my very freindly family dog. Mum and dad can be viewed They are raised around children and very nice temper. I love dogs and have grown up with them since a child. I can walk your dog, play games with your dog at a nearby park or oval and feed the dog on return if necessary.

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OH keeps going on about dogging and was wondering if anyone else has done this?

Anyways we r doing the deed and I look up by chance and see a face in the window - looked like gollum from lord of the rings! And you don't know what sort of people they could be and it could be unsafe! OH and I had a talk about this today and have decided not to go through with it.

Ex opened the door and he had long coat on and when my ex asked (cleaned up version) what he was doing he claimed he "shoots hares". He said that he didn't really think it through properly and the thought of weird sick men and the danger element didn't cross his mind.

I am a full time working 18 year old male and my girlfriend will move in with me later on down the track:)Solid Blue Staffordshire Bull Terrier, English Staffy Female and male Puppy Full blue, not hint of brindle or white on their blue They are very friendly as known nanny dog. Property is walking distance to Southlands, public transport, woden and the hospital. Prefer mature aged female but willing to overlook that if you are the right person Message only please Choice of one bedroom; or one bedroom and a shared room (for joint use for study, guests, music etc); or two bedrooms, in a three bedroom house.

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We also have a small dog tha Golden retriever puppy Vaccinated, microchipped, flea and worm free, vet checked. Pet Cloud pet sitting is per Moving to canberra for my masters course at anu and am looking for sharehouse. I am looking for a one bedroom place that isn’t too expensive and would allow a dog which is outside pretty much all the time he also is very well behaved and a cat which stays inside but just sleeps all day. Im all about giving 'mans best friend' lots of love and exercise. Scheduled or one-off half an hour for an hour Must love dogs Room to rent in a 3 bedroom house in Mawson.if he's really seriously thinking about this i wonder if you don't already have a bit of a situation on your hands? Helen V makes a good suggestion or if you don't want to post yourselves I am sure there are plenty of sites where you could watch others at it if that's what he fancies.