Dating my ex jokes

10-Jan-2018 03:36

We want to know who these women are, who are so enchanting to the people we love or have loved.

We want to know if they are smarter than us or more successful, or if they have a better sense of style.

Karen looked just like I thought she would look: clear-skinned and WASPy.

She was definitely not hungover and had definitely showered in the past 48 hours.

We both talked louder than necessary for two people who were at the same table on the same planet. The feminist in me cringes at the girl I was, but life is a journey, and that journey sometimes includes pit stops in Crazytown.

I have yet to meet another woman who didn't take a similar detour at some point, who doesn't know intimate, personal details about the woman her ex-boyfriend is currently getting naked with.

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There is a reason we clear our search history and live in fear of the day when we confuse the Facebook search area with the status area. Jealousy is amazing because it allows us to build fantastical worlds based purely on our own imaginations.Instead, I was brutally hungover from the night before.