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People call and leave messages for other local singles.

Callers can leave behind a free personal message, listen to other caller's messages, or even chat live for free.

"He started screaming at me, telling me that charges were going to be filed and then hung up." Instead of giving the man money, James called police. Gary Knight with the Oklahoma City police Department.

"Anyone who receives a phone call like this, whether it's on this case or any other type of extortion case, we certainly want to hear from you through 911 immediately." Police say what's worse is that this con artist is even leaving behind the real phone number of the Oklahoma City Police Department's Sex Crimes Unit, making him seem legitimate, even though he's not.

All LIHEAP assistances are subject to available funding by the Federal government.

The LIHEAP can help you and your family in two ways: The Regular Energy Assistance Program is a non-emergency assistance that helps you and your family with a one-time payment for the following: The Energy Crisis Assistance Program is only available intermittent between our LIHEAP Summer Cooling and Winter Heating assistance program.

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The Oklahoma Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) is a Federally funded program that provides financial assistance to approximately 182,000 Oklahoma low-income households each year to help them meeting the cost of home energy.

News 9 spoke with a caller named James who refused to fall victim to the con artist's trap.

"He said I had been talking on the phone and had phone sex with a minor over the telephone and that he needed to get 0 dollars from me in order to make this charge disappear," said James.

As for James, he says the experience has convinced him not to use phone chat lines for his future dating needs.

News 9 contacted the customer service department at Mega Mates, and they say they have received dozens of calls from customers in both Oklahoma City and Tulsa who have received the bogus phone calls.

Anyone with information regarding these cases should call Crime Stoppers at (405) 235-7300.