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19-Jan-2018 09:34

By looking at the evolutionary purpose of every part of the male and the female body, THE BODY LANGUAGE OF DATING chronicles the evolution of each major human bodily feature—why it is considered attractive or unattractive, good for longevity or detrimental to the gene pool, indicative of sexual success or failure. In THE BODY LANGUAGE OF DATING, Tonya Reiman tackles the question of whether human attraction and seduction have changed over millions of years, drawing lines of flirting symmetry that span millennia, cultures, species, and continents. What attracts opposite sexes to one another, why does it work, and how has it contributed to the longevity of our species? Reiman crumples the timeline that separates us from our ancient ancestors to ask, "What has never changed?Primal instinct meets the power of choice in this go-to guide to getting the guy.

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" THE BODY LANGUAGE OF DATING provides the tools needed for success in today's dating scenarios, offering practical tactics for seduction, conversation, connection, and enduring romance. Tonya Reiman is a body language expert who appears weekly on Fox News Channel’s The O’Reilly Factor.

Not only that, The Body Language of Dating will teach you how to: Whether you feel like you couldn't attract a fireman with your head ablaze or just want to give your seasoned connection-rejection ratio a boost, Tonya Reiman will help you shave time, effort, and heartbreak from your mating quest.

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